Herzen’s descendants at Herzen House Hotel


On the 6th of April, 2012 Russia celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Alexander Herzen (1767-1846), the man who is sometimes called the first Russian political blogger.

Alexander Herzen is a Russian writer and publicist. He wrote a number of brilliant works of art ("Who’s to blame?”, “My Past and Thoughts”, etc.). Herzen pronounced humanism, realism, high ethical views. As a result he was compelled to spend much of his life in exile.

About three hundred of Herzens descendants living all over the world came home of his famous ancestor, to honor his memory.

Herzen House Hotel is situated in St.Petersburg at Bolshaya Morskaya street (formal Herzen street). The Hotels named after Herzen because he had lived at that particular building during 1841-1842.
Alexander Herzen was an illegitimate son of a wealthy landowner Yakovlev who invented a scion of a surname, originating from the German word herz means - heart.

As the fates decree the most time being away from Russia, he lived with dream of a family house, where all close to his heart people will bring together under one roof.

Herzen House Hotel has recently become such home for his descendants. On the eve of the memorable day we were visited by Joël Amphoux and his wife. The roots of the distinguished guests go to the youngest daughter Olga Herzen, she was grandmother of Mr. Amphoux .

According to historical information: Olga (1850-1953) lived a long, dignified life, becoming a founder of the clan, Rist, Mono and Amphoux, has maintained the tradition bequeathed by his father, laid up a considerable part of his archive, and later passed to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Herzen House Hotel is honored to welcome within our walls such dear to our hearts Guests and preserve cultural traditions of St. Petersburg.


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