Russian visa

Foreign citizens (except for citizens of Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Kirghizia and some others) visiting Russian Federation need an entree Visa valid for the entire period of stay. Documents - passport,visa and migration form - are subject to passport control on entrance to and departure from Russian Federation. You also require presenting the originals of your documents when checking in at the Hotel, getting on the train / plane, and embarkation aboard ships on both domestic and international lines.

There are several types of Russian visas: a tourist visa, a business visa, a student visa, an employment visa, a personal visa, a transit visa - each type corresponds to the purpose of visit; there are more types of visas to be enumerated: diplomatic visas, visas for officials and their family members and so on.

Russian visas are also divided corresponding to the number of entries (single entry visa or a multiple visa) and the period of stay (from several days up to few years). During the stay foreigners are allowed to combine purposes of their visit. For example, presence of a business visa to Russian Federation does not contradict the fact of tourist trips or visiting relatives in Russia (private purpose of stay). Moreover, Russian tourist visa does not prohibit business visits to Russia (participating in trade fares, talks, attending conferences) but does not enable to work for hire Guests are not allowed to get salary on the territory of Russian Federation.

Russian visa is issued by Russian embassy or consulate in the country of your residence (citizenship) upon the presence of Letter of Invitation (visa support letter) issued by a travel agency registered as a tourist company in Russia and authorized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) with according reference number.

To obtain Russian visa the following documents shall be presented to the Consular Service Department of the Russian Embassy:

  • filled in application form to apply for tourist visa; please specify tourism as a purpose of your visit
  • Your national passport which should be valid for at least 6 months beyond intended stay and should contain at least two blank pages for Russian visa
  • 3 x 4 cm or 1,5 x 2 inch size photo
  • Visa support letter: confirmation and tourist voucher; Russian embassy reserves the right to require the original of your visa support letter.

The list of documents can be enlarged for citizens of migration risk countries: Algeria, Angola, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Jordan, India, Iraq, Iran, China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ruanda, Syria, Somalia, Chad, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Turkey, Georgia and others.

Consular fee is to be paid at the Consular Service Department of the Russian Embassy; the amount to pay varies for each country and also depends on processing period for a visa.

According to the Russian law all foreign citizens being accommodated at the hotel on the territory of Russian Federation must have registration within 24 hours upon arrival. Upon check in the Guests should provide their valid passport, visa and migration card (filled in on the plane / train or when passing passport control). Upon the receipt of these documents the Hotel fills in the arrival notice and registers Guests visa through Passport and Visa Service (PVS) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Hotel must provide arrival notice (or its copy) approved by PVS to the Guests within 24 hours upon their arrival to the hotel. The Hotel won't be able to accommodate the Guests without the mentioned documents.

Violation of visa regulations, for example, loss of visa or departure out of Russia after expiration date of the Visa could be a subject to fine and could possibly cause complications on passport control.

Herzen Hotel recommends the guests to have the copy of the first page of the passport, Russian Visa and immigration card with them while staying in Russian Federation.

Get free visa support

The visa support service fee (for single entry tourist visa up to 30 days) amounts to 1000 Rubles (please be informed that for some countries the cost might be higher). Pre-payment for Visa support service is mandatory and is available with your guaranteed reservation; payment is non-recoverable in case of visa denial, trip cancellation or due to any other circumstances. Any changes to issued Visa Support voucher connected with change of travel itinerary are provided at extra charge (200 rubles per voucher). Herzen House Hotel accepts no responsibility for obtaining required visas or other immigration requirements. Registration of Guests with Hotel Visa Support is provided free of charge for the whole period of stay in the Hotel.

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